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Oct 25,  · 1 of 11 10 Best Smartphones of , According to Consumer Reports. It’s not easy determining which model from the current generation of smartphones is best. Looking for the best cell phone and service provider? Consumer Reports has honest ratings and reviews on cell phones and service providers from the unbiased experts you can trust. Consumer Reports has published its latest research regarding the best smartphone cameras on the market. The non-profit magazine concluded that the iPhone X is number 1 camera on the market today.

iPhone X Review | Test Results - Consumer Reports

Reviewers say that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus delivers the smoothest, most intuitive user experience of any smartphone. The iPhone 7 Plus ups the screen size to 5. The iPhone 7 Plus is now water resistant -- able to withstand up to 30 minutes in shallow water with no ill effects.

Experts agree, the Google Pixel is one of the very best Android smartphones you can buy right now. This smartphone is powerful, well made and runs a pure version of the latest Android operating system.

The rear camera is among the best found on any smartphone. The base version of the Pixel has 32 GB of memory built in -- enough for many typical users -- and that can be optionally upped to GB. Google's customer service consumer reports smartphones kudos as well. The OnePlus 3T is well made and surprisingly powerful -- stacking up favorably compared to many, much more expensive flagship phones.

The 5. The 3T does run a custom interface, but its lightweight compared to most, and won't bog down usability or performance. The phone features front and rear 16 MP cameras, which are regarded as solid, though not quite spectacular, consumer reports smartphones. Reviewers are impressed with the Motorola Moto G4, and blown away by its value. Battery life is solid, the cameras are decent for casual use, and the user interface is clean.

The odds are good that you, or someone in your family, has a smartphone. The latest data from the Pew Research Center puts smartphone ownership at 77 percent of adult Americans, up from 35 percent in It's no wonder, consumer reports smartphones, then, that manufacturers have ramped up the assembly lines to consumer reports smartphones out lots and lots of smartphones.

Go onto any of the plethora of online consumer reports smartphones dedicated to smartphones and you'll find "spirited discussions" over the benefits and foibles of one phone over another. While people can be passionate about their preferences, no one smartphone is ideal for every situation and user, consumer reports smartphones. Features, user interfaces, size, weight, price and more can make or break the user experience.

While Windows and Blackberry smartphones are available, most current, consumer reports smartphones smartphones run either the iOS Apple or Android operating system.

Apple's iPhone set the world on fire when introduced inand is largely responsible for the current popularity of smartphones. Its icon-based user interface UI was intuitive and easy to use, and remains so to this day. Refreshes to its operating system have brought new features and innovations without compromising or even changing very much the iPhone's well-liked and familiar functionality.

Having the software and hardware designed to work together from the start, and only with each other, helps assure seamless operation. But the rock-solid iPhone experience has its price, consumer reports smartphones. Apple iOS is a fairly locked down operating system OS with limited options for customization.

Apps and other content come exclusively from iTunes -- you even need iTunes to add your own content to your phone. Similarly, you can't peek behind the curtain to access files including music, consumer reports smartphones, photos, videos, documents, etc, consumer reports smartphones.

On the plus side, the iTunes app store is huge -- and hugely popular; as of Januarythe iTunes app library hosted 2. Android phones are offered by a number of smartphone makers, as opposed to just Apple for iOS. But saying that a phone runs Android is only part of the picture. Unlike iOS, Android is an open-sourced operating system, and manufacturers are free to develop their own "flavors" of Android to offer or remove features to make their devices unique -- and many take full advantage of that -- for better or worse.

Many new Android phones run the latest version of the operating system, code named Nougat, though some older phones, and even some new budget smartphones, run previous generation versions, consumer reports smartphones, such as Marshmallow, Lollipop and Kit-Kat.

There's also an active community of enthusiasts that have created their own "ROMs," custom versions of Android that alter the user interface and allow access to features and functions that the manufacturer or carrier may have changed or removed. Google Play is the primary source consumer reports smartphones Android apps, and it's grown in size over the years to the point where it is now larger than iTunes, per Statista.

In addition, there are third party app stores where additional content can be obtained. Those include the Amazon Appstore, which hostedapps as of Aprilthough many of those apps are also available via Google Play.

In the past, it was common to quote phone prices as the subsidized price at a consumer reports smartphones carrier in exchange for consumer reports smartphones to a two-year contract with stiff early termination penalties -- and many reviewers still do that.

In many cases, subsidized phones are not even an option any longer. Whether you opt for a traditional or prepaid plan, the options are to pay the full retail price up front, or subscribe to a device payment plan that spreads out the cost over a set period of months Early upgrade programs available from some consumer reports smartphones, which forgive some payments if you purchase a new phone, muddy the waters even more.

We look into all of these myriad plans and offerings in our reports on cell phone plans and prepaid cell phone plans. But for the purposes of this report, and so that we are comparing apples to apples or is it Apples to Samsungs? Also, if your phone is your primary source for music, you might want to check out our suggestions for the best wireless speakerswhich we cover in their own report.

To find the best smartphones, editors consider factors such as performance, features including the quality of the camerareliability and value. We also evaluate user reviews posted at top retailers, such as Amazon. The result is our selections of the Best Reviewed smartphones for every user, and every budget.

Regardless of which expert you ask, or which group of users you survey, three smartphones invariably bubble up to the top of the list of the very best you can buy. These phones have three things in common: Consumer reports smartphones are exceedingly sophisticated, consumer reports smartphones, exceedingly powerful and, consumer reports smartphones, alas, consumer reports smartphones expensive.

However, if getting the ultimate smartphone experience is tops on your list, one of these devices will be the one you want. Edging the pack, but by only a touch, consumer reports smartphones, is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus Est. It's bigger and pricier than the regular Apple iPhone 7 Est. The two rear cameras add versatility to your shots, consumer reports smartphones, and can allow for special effects, such as blurred background photos that approach, but don't quite equal, similar effects that you can get in a DSLR digital SLR camera, which are covered in their own report.

CNET is impressed enough with camera performance to name it "the photographer's phone," with Scott Stein adding that "The iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best point-and-shoot cameras ever -- and it's a great phone, too. Speaking of which, benchmark testing reveals that the iPhone 7 Plus is one powerful device.

There are other pluses … and some minuses. On the plus side, the phone now meets IP67 certification, which means it can be dunked into shallow water for up to a half hour with no ill effects. No more horror stories about phones dropped into toilets or sinks, it appears, and experts have been busy dunking and plunking their test iPhone 7's and have verified that it, consumer reports smartphones, indeed, is now water resistant -- though, as PCMag.

The base version now ships with a more appropriate 32 GB of storage rather than 16 GB as was the previous norm. There is no microSD card slot, so that avenue isn't open to those that want to expand storage after purchase. In addition to the rear camera sthe iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have a 7 MP front camera as well.

The display on the 7 Plus is judged to be better than on previous-generation iPhones, and Apple claims that it is 25 percent brighter and displays colors more accurately.

Whether or not that's visible in real-world use is subject to a split decision among reviewers, consumer reports smartphones.

What's not a split decision is that regardless, the screen, though still very nice, lacks some of the punch found on the AMOLED displays used by some of the iPhone's closest Android competitors. The most controversial decision Apple has made in regards to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is the elimination of the audio jack. Apple does include a Lightning to 3. Bluetooth is the other option and we cover Bluetooth headsets in their own reportbut feedback at PCMag, consumer reports smartphones.

If you don't want a large phone, or don't care for the price tag of the 7 Plus, there are a few iPhone alternatives worth considering. As noted, experts mostly point to the iPhone 7 Plus as a better option than the standard iPhone 7 as Apple seems to have reserved its most significant hardware improvements for that device. Still, the iPhone 7 offers some advantages of its own, including the aforementioned water resistance. You don't get the twin rear shooters of the iPhone 7 Plus, consumer reports smartphones, but reviews indicate that the camera consumer reports smartphones a notable improvement over the already well-regarded one in last year's iPhone 6s.

Speaking of which, the iPhone 6s Est. While the iPhone 7 is an improvement over that phone, a lot of experts wonder if it's enough of an improvement to be worth upgrading to unless you actually need a new device. Given that the 6s got very strong reviews when first introduced, those considering a standard iPhone 7 should probably give the older but still capable device a look as well to see if it is enough phone to meet their needs.

In addition, the iPhone 6s has one important plus -- it still has a standard headphone jack. If the iPhone 6s is still consumer reports smartphones pricy for your budget, check out our discussion of mid-range smartphones below for information on the cheapest iPhone yet.

Two versions are available, the standard 5-inch Pixel, and the 5, consumer reports smartphones. The Pixel is marketed as a Verizon exclusive, but that's really just marketing.

Every Pixel sold by an authorized dealer in the U. In addition to Verizon, the phones are available direct from Google and at BestBuy.

As is the case with the iPhone 7 plus, all experts either love or very much like the Pixel. It's the runner-up best phone at TheVerge. One of the major pluses is that the Pixel runs a "pure" version of Android, without the heavy customizations that most makers add to their phones to make them unique, but that also can get in the way of both usability and performance. In benchmark testing, it scores similarly to other Android flagship phones, consumer reports smartphones, though those are, in turn, consumer reports smartphones by the benchmark performance of the iPhone 7.

Does that matter? Not really, opines CNET, which says "And when it comes to regular people consumer reports smartphones how we use our phones consumer reports smartphones day, the differences in these benchmarks aren't very discernable in real life. Any of these flagship phones should be fast enough to satisfy most of your mobile needs. The It lacks the second rear camera and telephoto lens of the Plus, however. Selfie shooters will find a very capable 8 MP front camera as well.

Apple is known for its quality support, but Google looks to be fully engaged on that front as well. Reviewers don't find a ton of negatives, outside of price.

It lacks the water resistance of the iPhone 7, so if you drop it in a toilet, you are probably sunk. The third flagship phone that rates tops in most experts' eyes is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Est. This 5. Aside from the larger screen, the key difference is a screen that wraps around the edges of the phone to reach to its back. The look is stunning, and the feature is more functional than in past versions, says PCMag.

Performance consumer reports smartphones right up there with the Pixel, and like the iPhone 7 Plus, it's water resistant. In fact, it carries an IP68 rating, consumer reports smartphones, which means that while the iPhone 7 Plus can withstand being submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes, the Galaxy S7 can withstand depths of up to 1, consumer reports smartphones.


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Mar 17,  · Top smartphones for any user and any budget. The odds are good that you, or someone in your family, has a smartphone. The latest data from the Pew Research Center puts smartphone ownership at 77 percent of adult Americans, up from 35 percent in It's no wonder, then, that manufacturers have ramped up the assembly lines to churn out lots and lots of smartphones. Oct 25,  · 1 of 11 10 Best Smartphones of , According to Consumer Reports. It’s not easy determining which model from the current generation of smartphones is best. In addition to affordable monthly plans, Consumer Cellular offers AARP members special benefits and monthly discounts. Sign up and try us for 30 days, risk-free!